Thursday, March 17, 2011


Okay so here i am intensively examining the types of democracy for my paper tomorrow and i can feel my concentration ebbing because of those stupid spasms of well you know pain/sadness/hurt/depression etc etc caused by the one and only you-know-who in my life. And suddenly this thought zooms in my head. This earth shatteringly brilliant revelation. Enlightment. Nirvana. And the pain disappears.
So here it is.
There are millions of people living in this huge huge brilliant world. We live in an enormous galaxy with millions of stars and milky ways planets(known and unknown). just one look at the sky and you know that there are creatures out there. Beings. Living things. Planets. Galaxies. places waiting to be explored. Millions of light years away there may be civilizations a thousand times more developed than we are.
So what are we? or well since this is my blog, what am I? Who am I?
I am nothing. My problems. My relationships. My faults. My mistakes. they don't matter to the world. even if i lose my guitar. I lose my camera. It doesn't matter!! The world is not going to die because of it. I am not going to die of it. The world doesn't care about my problems. So really why should I?? What affects me today is not going to affect Obama sitting in his pretty white house.if i break up with my boyfriend and am depressed about it the MAJORITY OF THE WORLD DOESNT CARE!!!

so whats the big deal then???
Theres nothing to worry about.
Because in the end we are all pretty insignificant.
so our problems? They don't exist. Our happiness, our joy, the little things in life...none of it really matters.
We are all going to die anyway. We are all going to suffer. But in the end. Who really gives a shit?
If nobody else does then why the hell should you???

For some fucked up reason this makes me happy.
so the crushing pain that Aman Dahiya is causing?
Doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter at all.

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  1. i just dont see how i seem to be causing you pain .. when this is what you wanted. coz you chose to leave. i begged you not too. but you did. i dont even feel like writing on my blog anymore .. coz i dont have any inspiration.