Thursday, November 25, 2010


somwhere in the backof my mind is a dream.
an island far away .
thers waves and thers the sun and its beautiful. so beautiful.
this big black horse is galloping along the beach and from where im standing on the rocks he looks like a god. poseidon coming charging straight at me. his eyes are glowing red and his mane is flying in the wind. he looks at me and for a second im rooted to spot. gripped with terror. th fear consumes me. it burns me. but i dont look away. i keep standing cause suddenly there are ropes tied to my ankles and theyre chains on my wrists. i scream and close my eyes as th beast comes nearer .his neighing and roaring resounding in my ears.

he kills me.this beast.
i die in the dream.
he rips me limb from limb.

but im happy.
im warm again.
th cold is gone.
im home.
the beast is me.

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