Tuesday, November 2, 2010

misfortuned first blog

so over the past few months things hav happened ...things have changed..and the need to write it all down and tell people about it has suddenly arisen!
And thats why i find myself staring at an empty box on a computer screen wondering what there is to say...
im back home in pune now but strangely i dont know if i really can call this home. because i find myself homesick for the place i created for myself a few hours away. Bombay. th small little insignificant part of bombay which i called my own is what i find myself dreaming about. The word "home" suddenly confuses me. but lets leave that aside for now. 
my first blog post and I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO WRITE ABOUT!!!! so lets chose a topic shall we? female rights?child abuse? politics?what is there really to talk about to my little computer? lets start with talking about me. (well this IS my blog so dont start complaining:)
Im in a slightly precarious position here what with my losing my brothers phone and him being a little over 6 feet tall with a baseball bat in his hand. so yes i am officially screwed. but do not fear!  i shall find a way to convince him that it really wasnt my fault that it was in my hand and just slipped out of the car :S

omg.....hes walking towards me........the baseball bat is barely visible behind him but alas i no it is there.......he comes closer and the maniacal stare in his red eyes is more visible  now... woe betide for i must fall.............. farewell to you oh misfortuned reader... may your fortune be brighter than mine........

then fall andrea.

et tu keith?



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