Thursday, November 25, 2010

the rain comes down as i start to move...
disturbing my nightmare
ruining the cool.
th suns just beginning to rise
a brand new day.
i open my eyes and have nothing to say.
because all that i am and i all that i have has been taken away from me in one small move.
he struck me once.
he struck me twice.
he gripped my fist when he heard my voice.
he pushed me down and started to beat.
my mind was lost in terror as i struggled against him and tried to wrench free.
but th seconds ticked by i and i began to tire and th tears stopped falling. my ravaged body was numb my skin was cold as ice.
my body he gave to th sea to carry it to the devil below.
yet th devil was kind.
he sent his chariot to the surface wer my body lay and pushed me to th shore.

th sand was wet beneath my feet.
the breeze was cool against my skin.
th sun had risen
the pain was going.


the curtain falls.


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